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Welcome to Salonexit, an inclusive online art gallery committed to making art more accessible to a diverse audience. Our platform is designed to engage a new generation of art enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of limited edition works spanning various mediums, from traditional paintings and sculptures to hand-finished prints.

At Salonexit, our mission is to redefine the art experience and provide a gateway for individuals around the world to discover and collect art. We collaborate with emerging and established contemporary artists, bringing their unique visions to a global audience. By fostering a community of art lovers, we aim to set a gold standard for the appreciation and accessibility of art.

Meet the artists


Salonexit Insights provides an intimate view into the art world through artist interviews, short films, and concise opinions on collecting. Explore the diverse perspectives of artists past and present, and discover the most iconic profiles of artists' favorite artists in our Artists' Artists channel.