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The Throne of Screaming in Silence
By Preslav Kostov

The Throne of Screaming in Silence which was the main painting discussed in this conversation was born from an extended introspective journey Preslav went through some time ago. This painting is what at the moment greatly distinguishes Preslav's creations by introducing the fascination of a form of the human body, in this case, self-portrait, while exploring the depths of self biographical awareness experienced through artistic means. Last but not least Preslav's creations, especially in this case, display a constant strive of mastering his skills in order to more confidently portray his, as well as the external world, which as he said, at some point will become ever-present in his future works. This is why I thought this painting deserves a conversation on its own. Its place in Preslav's practice although fitting his greater constantly progressing narration is a huge milestone in understanding the true self and becoming an even greater artist!


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