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Tom Fry

I recently had the incredible opportunity to talk with Tom Fry, a renowned London-based abstractionist, known for his ever-evolving and captivating style. As we delved into the world of his artistic practice, it became clear that Tom's creative journey is a continuous exploration of self-expression and transformation.

Our conversation centred around Tom's latest exhibition, Forbidden Words, which also shares its name with his new poetry book. This thought-provoking collection showcases a stunning juxtaposition of his latest series of artworks and his powerful written verse. As Tom Fry rediscovers his true artistic self through these multi-layered works, he draws upon past styles and timeless sources of inspiration, creating an immersive experience for the viewer. The result is a captivating interplay between the written word and the visual form, urging the audience to engage in a deeper and more introspective exploration of the themes presented.

Tom Fry's Forbidden Words exhibition is a testament to his unwavering commitment to artistic growth and self-discovery. By revisiting past styles and drawing from a well of inspirational sources, he has crafted a unique and powerful experience for the audience, one that invites us to contemplate the nuances of his artistic voice.


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