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Chrilz is a drawer working in a blend between Neo-figurative and Neo-expressionism, utilizing the human form as a vessel of expression. His primary focus is human nature: our emotions, our relationships, our experiences. It is the culmination of life unfolding that fuels his need to create. All of his work is a dance between the emotional and conceptual. In every piece, all elements are composed with intentionality, thus becoming an aggregate of choices and decisions that seek to serve a final, conceptual-emotional dichotomy to enrapture his viewers. There is always an effort to express something more for Chrilz, and across any piece, series, or body of work is a rich tapestry of layers meant to resonate with individuals across the human experience. Whether it is a complete concept or the subtlety of a gentle emotion, he is constantly concerned with sharing the beautiful truths of life itself.

Chrilz | ツリールズ

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