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Vincent Giarrano, a realist painter with a background in comic-book art, categorizes his compositions into three themes: "people," "places," and "things." His oil paintings often depict the vibrant scenes of New York City, featuring streets, cafes, apartments, and artists' studios. Noteworthy subjects include SoHo's iconic architectural facades, fashionable women in various urban settings, and meticulously studied still lifes reminiscent of cafés, restaurants, and kitchens.

Having previously worked on timeless superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Aquaman in the realm of comics, Giarrano acknowledges the influence of this experience on shaping the narrative elements in his paintings. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in his art, preferring to keep his works open-ended and ambiguous. Giarrano invites viewers to engage with his vignettes, allowing them to contribute their own imaginative stories to complete the narrative within each painting.

Vincent Giarrano

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